Model #100H – Swimmers / Lateral Hip Filter

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Swimmers / Lateral Hip Filter

This x-ray filter has two primary uses, the swimmers and lateral hip view for use with CR, DR and film. No positioning required, just move it in until it stops, they are already centered. Tech Proof with a stainless steel base custom fit for all x-ray machines (including portables). Also reduces radiation by filtering before it reaches the patient!

Swimmers Features:

    • Image improvement with the use of the swimmers filter
    • This equalizing x-ray filter reduces overexposure to the cervical spine to produce a balanced density from C-1 to T-1
    • The model 100 H filter is slid into the collimator rails, opened, the CR collimated, then the filter is closed for exposure.

“Out success rate for demonstrating C-7- T-1 on trauma C-spines has greatly improved.”

Lateral Hip Features:

    • Application for lateral cervical spines with CR @ 72 inches to increase information on the lower cervical and upper thoracic, very often reducing the need for a swimmer view
    • The x-ray filter increases visual detail through additional coning (see photo). The lead coning rails assure proper coning at 40 inches. It creates a border one inch wide on the length of the image.

“We have not repeated one cross table lateral hip or even had to post-process in over a dozen cases.”

Because we want the filter to fit your tube, the manufacturer needs information about your tube and the rails. Please look at the “ruler” pdf and follow the instructions.

Click here for the ruler: Ruler

Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 3 in

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